Wild Game Drop-off Location:

5735 3rd St S.E, Calgary, AB, T2H 1K1

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Wild Game Sausage:


At Paolini's we can make an assortment of sausage and smoked product for your out of your wild game trimmings. Please check out our wild game price, for a complete listing of the types of sausage we make.





Batch Size:


We at Paolini's require a minimum of 10 kg  of meat in order to make a batch of sausage. The reason for this is because our equipment is such that it needs a minimum of 10 kg in order to operate properly and do a good job on your sausage.


Also, sausage will be made with your own meat, so keep in mind that the quality of the meat you bring in for sausage, will be reflected in the product that you get back.





Wild Game Price List



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