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Wild Game Jerky:


At Paolini's, we can do jerky out of your game meat, but only under the following circumstances:


We can only do jerky from a Moose or an Elk, the reason is that the meat we use to slice the jerky from is too small on any of the other game.


You must also be aware that if you request to have jerky done you will have to give up the meat from the hind legs of your Moose or Elk as this is where we select the jerky meat from.


We require a minimum of 10 kg of fresh meat in order to do a batch of jerky.


After smoking and drying, you should end up with approximately 1/2 of your original weight.


We can't use Deer meat for jerky because once we trim the meat, as required for slicing, the pieces become too small.



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