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Hanging of Wild Game:


This is probably the most misunderstood area:


When you take down an animal you want to gut it, take the hide off and get it cooled down as soon as possible.


Many hunters then feel they have to hang the animal for a few days or longer but this is not the case.


Wild Game unlike beef is very lean. What happens when you hang it is: it begins to dry on the outside, creating a jerky like texture covering the animal. What happens is that the meat under that dry layer cannot breathe and if not dealt with quickly will sour.  Beef on the other hand is bred to be marbled throughout and is considerably fatter than Wild Game.


This marbling allows you to hang a beef without it drying on the outside and therefore allowing it to become more tender as it hangs, hence the grading system.  AAA  beef is the tastiest of all the grades, and is considered unhealthy because of it's fat content.


Also a disadvantage to hanging game is when it dries on the outside, we have to trim that portion of meat and discard it, as it no longer can be used. So that in a nutshell is why we don't recommend the hanging of Wild Game.


If by chance you still wish to hang your animal despite our recommendations, we will do so  at a rate of $10 a day.



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