Wild Game Drop-off Location:

5735 3rd St S.E, Calgary, AB, T2H 1K1

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Deposit Information :


Going forward we will be requesting a deposit when you drop off your game. The reason for this is because there is a small percentage of hunters who for whatever reason have dropped off game, requested sausage and cutting to be done and just never show up to pick up their product. As you can imagine that leaves us in a bad situation, so we are hoping that by collecting a deposit people will be more unlikely to abandon their sausage and meat.


A 50% deposit will be required for game that is dropped off for cutting and wrapping.


Game dropped off for cutting, wrapping and sausage, will have to put a deposit equal to the cost of the cut and wrap.


Trimmings dropped off for sausage making, will require a deposit equal to the weight of the trimmings  X $5.50/kg


Please note that if your sausage meat is not picked up within 10 days after you have been contacted, your deposit will be lost, and product will be turned over to Fish and Wildlife (unless you have made prior arrangements for an extension on pick up).



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