Wild Game Drop-off Location:

5735 3rd St S.E, Calgary, AB, T2H 1K1

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Cutting & Wrapping:


If you choose to bring in the whole animal for cutting and wrapping we will be happy to accommodate you. The animal must have his hide removed and proof of sex must be left intact.


At Paolini's your animal will be cut as per your request. Please note that all cuts will be boneless and trimmed to the highest standards, so when you cook your wild game meat, you will not have to contend with bones, fat and/or tendons.


All steaks,  roasts and burger will be vacuum sealed to secure freshness, therefore you will be able to store your cuts of Wild Game in the freezer for a very long time (2 years minimum).


if you choose to have burger prepared out of your trimmings, it to will be vacuum sealed in 2 pound bags. The reason why it can't be packed in smaller portions is because our vacuum stuffer can only stuff burger in 2 pound portions or higher.


If you would like beef or pork added to your burger please be sure to mention that to the person taking your order. Most people like to add about 15% pork to game burger so that it is not too dry, as Wild Game meat is so lean.


Please be advised that we do not cut stew meat for the following reasons:


When you dice the meat into small cubes, you get a lot of pieces with a considerable amount of surface area. When you freeze and thaw it, you will lose a considerable amount of protein therefore resulting in very dry stew meat. What we suggest you do is have a couple of more roasts done so if you would like to have a stew one night, you can thaw the meat, and dice it up.


A roast will lose considerable less protein then your pre-diced stew meat will resulting in more tender cubes. Also this  system allows you to have more control over your meat, as you can convert a roast into stew, but you cannot convert a stew to a roast.





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